Our New England Psychiatry Merrimack Location

Nestled amid New Hampshire’s natural beauty, Merrimack is a town that encapsulates the essence of a tranquil and thriving New England community. From its historic charm to its modern amenities, Merrimack beckons with open arms to those seeking a slice of classic Americana.

Merrimack’s origins can be traced back to colonial times, with a rich history that has shaped its identity. Once a center of milling and manufacturing, Merrimack’s evolution into a dynamic community reflects its ability to adapt while retaining its unique character.

Medication Management

Routine outpatient psychiatric medication management, including biochemical discussion, for adults, children, and adolescents.


Psychiatric Evaluation

We establish a diagnosis and formulation of the individual’s problems and plan the individual’s care and treatment. An evaluation of a child, adolescent, or adult.


Mental Health

Mental health is not ethical to see more than 1 individual therapist at a time. New England Psychiatry will only accept new patients with no current individual therapist.


Modern amenities are within easy reach in Merrimack, with shopping destinations that cater to a variety of tastes. From local boutiques to well-known Merrimack’s neighborhoods embrace diversity, offering a range of housing options that cater to different preferences. Each neighborhood contributes to the town’s close-knit community atmosphere. Plus, Merrimack’s well-connected transportation networks make commuting and travel convenient. Accessible roadways and proximity to major routes enhance the town’s accessibility.

About Our Services in Merrimack, NH

New England Psychiatry extends telehealth and in-person services across New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and Connecticut. We take immense pride in delivering top-tier psychiatric care that is compassionate, collaborative, and of the highest quality. Our specialization lies in addiction, dual diagnosis, and trauma care spanning all stages of life.

Our commitment revolves around evidence-backed treatment coupled with a holistic perspective, all within a confidential setting. Our paramount objective is to erode the stigma encompassing mental health. Through patient-centric, empathetic care, we dedicate the time and attention each patient truly deserves. Our environment is designed to foster comfort and warmth, catering to our patient’s unique needs.

Our comprehensive suite of services encompasses psychiatric assessments, medication management, and a spectrum of psychotherapeutic options. Additionally, we employ innovative technology to aid in the diagnosis and support of individuals grappling with ADHD. New England Psychiatry also provides holistic health and wellness services, leveraging non-pharmacological methods to restore or attain equilibrium.

Complementing our array of offerings, we stand by our patients on their journeys toward recovery from alcohol and opiate use disorders. Our Vivitrol Clinic stands as a testament, delivering a once-monthly injection that has been shown to uphold remission rates by an impressive 90%. Our accomplished team of professionals can guide you through a thorough assessment, assisting you in determining if this treatment avenue aligns with your needs.

Explore the full spectrum of our treatments and approaches today. We eagerly anticipate the opportunity to administer patient-centered care that caters to your distinctive requirements.