Psychiatric Evaluation


Taking the first step to living your best self requires courage. At New England Psychiatry, we welcome patients to our practice in a welcoming and confidential environment. At New England Psychiatry, we establish a diagnosis and formulation of each individual’s problems, making a personalized plan for individual care and treatment. 

Using a combination of psychiatric history and presenting symptoms, our experts provide diagnoses and treatment recommendations to best suit each patient’s needs.


Psychiatrist talking with her patient

During the initial psychiatric evaluation, each patient’s lifestyle, symptoms, and medical history will be discussed. In some scenarios, our experts may also recommend genetic testing via Genesight® to help provide further information for diagnoses and treatment planning. 

Once a provider has the required documentation to adequately assess and diagnose a patient, a treatment plan will be formulated. Each patient’s treatment plan will include a variety of evidence-based approaches, including holistic and alternative treatments (in some scenarios).

What to Expect: Psychiatric Evaluation 

As a new patient, it’s normal to be nervous for a psychiatric evaluation. Our team of compassionate and highly specialized healthcare professionals understands the importance of creating a safe space to seek a psychiatric evaluation. 

For this reason, we go above and beyond to help reduce the challenging stigmas around seeking mental health care. What makes our practice unique is our interest in patient-focused care – putting our patients at the forefront of everything we do. 

Our providers also go above and beyond to empower our patient’s decision-making. To do this, we provide clear information on side effects, efficacy of treatments, and duration of treatments. We also support our patients who seek natural and holistic approaches to managing certain mental health conditions.

After Your Psychiatric Evaluation 

After your initial psychiatric evaluation, our providers will also create a follow-up plan for you. Your follow-up plan will determine the frequency of your return visits, which often last about thirty minutes in length. Based on your progress and treatment plan, visits may vary in length and frequency. We also offer virtual visits for follow-up appointments, which are often helpful for patients with busy schedules.

Getting Started

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