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NEP supports our patients on their paths to recovery. FDA-approved for alcohol and opiate use disorders, Vivitrol is a once-monthly injection that helps maintain remission rates by up to 90%. Please contact us if you feel Vivitrol is right for you.


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Vivitrol Clinic for Alcohol & Opiate Disorders

At New England Psychiatry, we support patients on their path to recovery. Taking the steps to overcome alcohol & opiate dependence takes bravery. Our Vivitrol Clinic helps support patients using Vivitrol, a medication that contains Naltrexone (an opioid receptor antagonist). Under the guidance of our healthcare professionals, Vivitrol once-monthly injections may help support reduced cravings for substances.

What is Vivitrol?

Vivitrol is an FDA-approved medication designed to block the effects of opioids and reduce alcohol cravings. By binding to opioid receptors in the brain, the pleasurable effects of these substances are blocked. Thus, individuals find a reduced desire to use these substances. This type of treatment works best when combined with our treatment methods, such as behavioral therapy including both individual and group therapy sessions.

How Vivitrol Can Help

Based on your initial assessment, our professional team at New England Psychiatry can determine if you are a good candidate for Vivitrol. Monthly Vivitrol injections are administered through intramuscular injection and must be performed only by licensed medical professionals.

Research supports the use of Vivitrol to help support individuals overcoming drug and alcohol disorders. A 24-week study found that 36% of patients who used Vivitrol and counseling treatments were opioid-free at weekly visits, compared to only 23% who received a placebo injection (without medication).

Learn More About Vivitrol with New England Psychiatry

Vivitrol may not be the answer for everybody. However, some individuals may find Vivitrol to help support their journey to overcoming drug and alcohol dependence disorders. To learn more about how our Vivitrol clinic may be able to help, reach out to us at (603)-600-8513. 

After calling us, we’ll help you schedule an appointment for an evaluation. Our initial evaluation includes a diagnosis and gives our professionals a chance to learn more about your unique needs. Following your appointment, we’ll offer more guidance and recommendations to see if you’re a candidate for our Vivitrol clinic.